How to: Migrate Windows file server shares with NTFS permissions

Over the years I have seen so many approaches to migrating Windows file server shares to new servers. Most methods are valid and some are down right brilliant uses of native tools. I have an affinity for migrating shares in a specific way that does not utilize the native tools. It has worked really well for me over the years and I want to share it with all those out there that might need help with shares that are problematic.

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How to: Updating user SMTP addresses in Office 365 while syncing local AD with AADSync

I ran into an issue recently where I could not update or change the email address of an Office 365 mailbox for a client using AADSync. Since it took me some time to figure out the solution and I could not find any related content quickly on the web that was thorough; I figured I would put together a thorough solution to save time for the IT pros out there.

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