How To:Upload Email to Office 365 Mailboxes

Cloud migrations can be painful. Part of the pain with migrating to Office 365 is getting ALL of the company email into the cloud. Active users are typically easy as there are endless methods for migrating active users. But what about companies that have archived and\or offline email? Trying to manage them locally on PCs is cumbersome and risky. Opening them over the local networks is slow and unstable. We need a method to upload PSTs into shared mailboxes where we can easily attach them to other mailboxes using Office 365 memberships. This blog post is how you should upload PST files into Office 365 mailboxes.

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How To: Office 365 bad image error ApiClient.dll 0x000012f

Office 365 suite installs are updated regularly these days and sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes when it goes wrong, it is stuck with a cryptic bad image error involving the ApiClient.dll file. You can’t launch any Office apps. You can’t repair the install. You can’t even uninstall it without getting this error and it crashing. Sit back, relax. Here is how you fix it.

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How to: Updating user SMTP addresses in Office 365 while syncing local AD with AADSync

I ran into an issue recently where I could not update or change the email address of an Office 365 mailbox for a client using AADSync. Since it took me some time to figure out the solution and I could not find any related content quickly on the web that was thorough; I figured I would put together a thorough solution to save time for the IT pros out there.

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