Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE 1.5 update

We did a review on 1.1.2 back in December and it just got a big update. Here is what you need to know.

We have not had a chance to test this yet but these improvements are exciting for a free product. Clearly Veeam is listening to requests for improvement.

Cryptolocker protection for the backup device – They did this by adding an auto eject function to the backup schedule. While this is nice it is not as sexy as it sounds. You have to remount it for the next backup which can be a pain. Meh.

Email notifications – Yay! This is one I really wanted. Big points here.

Enhanced scheduling options – They changed the scheduling options to allow for specific days rather than being force to backup everyday. This is a nice update as well.

Standalone full backup creation – This one is another big one. Sometimes you just want to have a full image set aside. Love it.

Other enhancements are more incremental ┬álike performance tuning and reliability with reporting to Veeam B & R. All in all this is really great news that they are keeping this free. I have a feeling it won’t last so get it not while it is free!


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