How To: Get Exchange 2013 back up after failed CU install

Exchange 2013 is a whole new beast when it comes to a stand alone Exchange server. A failed Exchange 2013 CU (Cumulative Update) can leave your Exchange server unresponsive to outside requests even though all Services are up and Powershell diagnostics are reporting everything working correctly. It leaves many Exchange Admins new to 2013 scratching their heads and attempting to restore from backup only to learn that a restore from backup does not work! What is this sorcery?! Stay calm. This is an easy fix and a lesson for new 2013/2016 Exchange admins that are used to the previous versions.

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How To: Track an email to a folder in Powershell

This is a pretty granular blog post. Most of you will probably never use this but I had an incident happen recently where an email had to be found in an Exchange 2013 mailbox that had several hundred folders with rules spraying email everywhere. The search tools in Outlook would not work properly because the mailbox was too big. We had no time to fix the search tools in Outlook. We needed to find where the email was very quickly. Not where it was delivered, where it is right now. This will help you do the same.

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