How to: Hide updates in Windows 10

Microsoft updates are not to be trusted. A lot of you might hear that and say “Duh”, however, it hasn’t always been this bad. Recently, Microsoft has really hit a wall with security updates reeking havoc on systems and applications. The new Microsoft CEO has been actively pushing faster software development cycles. This has been a boon for them as it keeps developers and enterprises moving to refresh their software and hardware. This has also been a huge pain for the IT staff in charge of managing upgrades and updates.

So here we are now with the last Windows OS to exist. Updates are coming at a rapid pace. These updates are breaking applications at a more frequent clip than ever before. So the need to remove and prevent certain updates from re-installing has become really important. Naturally Microsoft has decided to take that away from Windows 10 users and IT staff from an individual OS level. They want Windows updates to be controlled by WSUS or other update management methods to keep sales churning for server and cloud management products. This leaves many regular standalone users out in the cold to battle updates. There is only one Microsoft method to prevent certain updates from installing and it involves using a utility that must be downloaded separately and run on demand.

WIndows 10 update hide screen 1

WIndows 10 update hide screen 2

WIndows 10 update hide screen 3

WIndows 10 update hide screen 4

To “hide” updates you have to run this utility and you must re-run it to “show” the update again. There is no longer a native method to do this. This can be tedious as the utility runs through a Detecting

If you do not have any way to manage updates as a group, my advice is to make sure you are using a good backup (Like Veeam Endpoint Backup!) or at least setup your system to use system restore to get back to where you need to quickly.


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