FREE Microsoft Windows Certification study web resources

Certification is an ongoing battle. Free resources can go a long way in that fight. There are a number of resources on the web that are completely free. I wanted to share some of my favorite websites to help you study for your next Microsoft Windows Desktop or Server certification for FREE.

Microsoft sites

Born To Learn

This one is absolutely one of the best free resources for Microsoft certification study tracks. There is a ton of material to read through and download. This should be your primary source of free resources.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

This site is a close second to the above. It is more course driven than BTL. MVA is a great resource for getting lecture based info. This is also a must have for any Microsoft certification track.


This one has less content than the previous two but has the Evaluation section for downloading eval copies of Microsoft products which are a must for lab study. You can also search through the vast technet knowledge base  which is a massive resource of technical info. This is also a must have resource.


There are free practice tests from MeasureUP that include 10 questions per test that have detailed explanations. What I like most about it is that you get a preview of how the test is formatted and can do a simulation of taking the test that is quite similar to the real thing. This one is not a must have but it can be a nice prep for taking the real test.

Early Experts Study Group

This is a pretty cool site for study group centered activity. This can give give you a resource to ping problems off of. This is not a must but can help answer a question that you can’t find an answer to.

Non-Microsoft sites

Windows IT Pro

This site has a ton of resources from career advice to technical related blogs to news of upcoming products. The technical blogs alone have helped me answer some tough questions before so search this site when you need a boost in reference materials.


This is an education site with tons of free learning courses. Many are relevant with Windows server, desktop, SQL, and programming technologies. This is a must for beginners especially because of the ground up approach to the content. A lot of content is free but some are not. It is hit and miss but take a look to see if there is something there that will help you for free.

Tom’s IT Pro

There is a lot of good resources here like what certificate you should pursue and where to get training. This is not essential but can give a little extra here and there. It is worth sifting through from time to time.


Okay, this one is really obvious I agree, but there are numerous tech/IT how to’s here and they can help you see the process of doing something related to the test you are taking without having to lab it yourself. It is worth searching for solutions to your problems or answers to your questions if you get stuck.

More to come in the future….

That is all on this topic for now but you can be rest assured I will be spending some time here and there to share certification study resources so you can add some things to your arsenal.

So for now, best of luck.





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