How to: Block Windows 10 upgrade

This will get much more intense through the remainder of the year as Microsoft ramps up the upgrades of Windows 7/8 computers joined to Active Directory domains. This post is all about what you need to know to block this upgrade from happening without having to manage Windows Update Services.

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Review: Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection

As far as small business antivirus is concerned I have always been an ESET fan. So when I was recently recommended by a colleague to check out the latest Webroot business antivirus client I wasn’t really looking for another antivirus since ESET had always treated me well. After getting to know the product and having used it now for 30 days, I can tell you that this is a top notch product in almost all aspects of premium antivirus clients.

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How to: Hide updates in Windows 10

Microsoft updates are not to be trusted. A lot of you might hear that and say “Duh”, however, it hasn’t always been this bad. Recently, Microsoft has really hit a wall with security updates reeking havoc on systems and applications. The new Microsoft CEO has been actively pushing faster software development cycles. This has been a boon for them as it keeps developers and enterprises moving to refresh their software and hardware. This has also been a huge pain for the IT staff in charge of managing upgrades and updates.

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How to: Migrate Windows file server shares with NTFS permissions

Over the years I have seen so many approaches to migrating Windows file server shares to new servers. Most methods are valid and some are down right brilliant uses of native tools. I have an affinity for migrating shares in a specific way that does not utilize the native tools. It has worked really well for me over the years and I want to share it with all those out there that might need help with shares that are problematic.

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Review: Veeam Endpoint Backup

Take It From a Geek.

Product: Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

Version reviewed:

Operating System Tested: Windows 10 Build 1511

This is my first review and I have say this is a review that I never thought I would write. Veeam has been “killing it” as a virtual server backup platform for years now and their claim was always on the virtual side only. I thought they would never make a product that did physical OS install backups.

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How to: Updating user SMTP addresses in Office 365 while syncing local AD with AADSync

I ran into an issue recently where I could not update or change the email address of an Office 365 mailbox for a client using AADSync. Since it took me some time to figure out the solution and I could not find any related content quickly on the web that was thorough; I figured I would put together a thorough solution to save time for the IT pros out there.

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